Undead Horde 2: Necropolis Free Download (v1.0.2.5)

9 months ago
Undead Horde 2 Necropolis Free Download By Unlocked-games

Undead Horde 2: Necropolis Download:

Undead Horde 2: Necropolis Free Download Become an Undead King and raise undead warriors from the remains of your enemies. Use your army of undead warriors to rebuild Necropolis after the vile attack conducted by the living. Take back your land, free the undead souls, and secure the future for the undead. Undead Horde 2 is a necromantic action game with elements from RPG, strategy, and hack’n’slash. Raise undead warriors of your choosing from enemy remains. Command undead armies of over 100 units. Rebuild the Necropolis and unlock new talents, new upgrades, and new powers. Find and unlock unique undead minions to raise. Level up and become the savior of Necropolis. Conquer the world and save the undead souls. Doors: Paradox 

Undead Horde 2: Necropolis Free Download The main gameplay loop generally involves you entering an area with your army and working your way through it clearing out enemies and destroying buildings.  The latter can be houses/shacks that respawn enemies at regular intervals as well as defensive structures that dish out heavy damage if you get too near.  However, once you’ve cleared out everything, that area then becomes safe and you’ll not need to worry about fighting there again. In terms of the structure of the game, you’ve got four main areas, each split into 15-20 stages.  You’ll generally be given tasks (find this, destroy that etc.) and will need to travel to the relevant stage, do what you need to do and then return back to the quest giver or your hub world (the titular ‘Necropolis’) to hand in for a reward (XP and cash).


  • OS: WINDOWS 10
  • Processor:  2.0ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:  SM 3.0+
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 600 MB available space



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