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2 years ago
Spider Man Web of Shadows Free Download By unlocked-games

Spider-Man Web of Shadows Download:

The game opens with Spider-Man on a perquisition for Mary Jane Watson. At the same time, the city of New York is beset with symbiotes. After finding Mary Jane with Luke Cage, Spider-Man is attacked by a mysterious figure. He retells his account of how his fight with Venom ended with a piece of the symbiote fastening to himself during a flashback to four days earlier. After the encounter with Venom, an injured Mary Jane is sent to the hospital where she meets Luke Cage in the middle of a gang war. Spider-Man and Luke Cage hunt down the gang leaders of the city, the Roaring Sevens and Park Avenue gangs. He manages to get them to accede to a meeting in a Harlem park. The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider Man is searching for Mary Jane Watson inthe city of New York which has been infested by symbiotes. Mary Jane Watson is with Luke Cage but there Spider Man is encountered with mysterious creature which attacked Spider Man. The player can choose between the good and evil side of Spider Man and the ending will depend on the choices made by player. The costume of Spider Man can be changed at any time from its traditional red and blue to a symbiote costume. Spider Man in red and blue costume is fast and agile while the one with symbiote suite is more stronger and destructive.

The player is able to switch between Spider-Man’s traditional red and blue suit and the black symbiote suit at any time during gameplay. Each suit provides a different gameplay style, and features individual upgrades. Chris Scholz from Shaba Games commented that the developers “worked on really separating the black and red suits to give the player a different feel”. For example, while wearing the red suit, Spider-Man is faster and more agile with his attacks, whereas symbiote black suit Spider-Man is stronger and more destructive.


  • OS: Windows XP or Newer
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz
  • Memory:  1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7900GTX 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 2800 MB HD space



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