West Hunt Free Download (v16092022 + Multuplayer)

9 months ago
West Hunt Free Download By Unlocked-games

West Hunt Download:

West Hunt Free Download Welcome to the rugged and thrilling world of West Hunt, an immersive adventure game set in the wild and lawless American frontier. Step into the boots of a brave and resourceful pioneer, determined to conquer the untamed wilderness and carve out a place for yourself in the land of opportunity. In West Hunt, you’ll face a series of daring challenges and encounters as you navigate through vast open landscapes, dense forests, treacherous mountains, and dusty plains. Your survival skills, cunning, and marksmanship will be put to the test as you hunt for valuable resources, fend off dangerous predators, and outsmart rival settlers and outlaws. One More Gate : A Wakfu Legend

The game offers a dynamic and living environment where you can interact with a vibrant ecosystem teeming with wildlife. Master the art of hunting, track elusive game, and gather essential supplies to sustain yourself. But be wary, as the wilderness is not your only adversary. Bandits and rival pioneers are always on the lookout for easy targets, and you must be prepared to defend yourself or form alliances with other players to ensure your safety. As you progress through West Hunt. You’ll have the opportunity to establish your own homestead, build structures, and cultivate the land. Harness the power of the land to grow crops, raise livestock, and develop a thriving community. Engage in trade with fellow pioneers to obtain rare items, expand your influence, and prosper in this challenging frontier.


  • OS: WINDOWS 10
  • Processor:   Intel i3-5005U
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:  Intel HD 4000
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 10 GB available space



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